• What's $TENT ?

    It's a charity token that's helping refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.
    Our goal is to build a token-based charity platform for the 82.4 Million refugees and asylum seekers while also allowing the community to recognise and reward outstanding activities.

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    Launch Date: June 20th 2021 at 12am

    on World Refugee Day

    The soft cap was not reached so we will be relaunching again elsewhere

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    Immediately After Launch

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    Immediately After Launch

  • The world needs $TENT

    The Tent City Foundation is developing a global humanitarian relief effort for those
    persons displaced by environmental disasters, or as refugees through conflict, or anyone
    who may find themselves needing or using tent city accommodation.
    Despite many charity and care organizations, addressing this issue over the last decade,
    tent cities are an often overlooked, and undersupported area. 
    1% of the world's population
    is displaced at any given time and many have no alternative but to make use of tent cities.
    These are often disease-ridden, dangerous places where individual dignity is often lost.   
    The $TENT token will allow you to help!

  • Meet the founder

    I’m a scientist who specializes in the microbiology of the built environment.

    Several years ago I witnessed first-hand the impact that tent cities had

    on the lives of asylum seekers.

    I was part of a health team that did an investigation at Nauru.
    At that stage, the tiny island was being used by Australia
    as a camp holding refugees.
    My report was the subject of a whistleblower campaign and was

    made public in 2018. It is because of what I saw that

    I have started this charity coin.

  • "The reasons I have to do something more to help others"

    Just one humanitarian crisis up close...

    A series of recent reports by The Guardian have revealed refugees, asylum seekers and staff at the Nauru processing centre have been exposed to a mould problem of “epic proportions”. The fungal growth in housing and working areas has reportedly led to some staff describing ongoing health...
    Transfield Services was worried about asylum seekers potentially rioting as it looked to clean mould off the inside of tents at the Nauru detention centre, leaked emails show. The immigration department and then centre operator Transfield (now Broadspectrum) were warned about mould health risks...
    Dr Cameron Jones, who was contracted by Transfield, says his 225-page report on the problem was covered up. The microbiologist contracted to assess the mould in the Nauru immigration centre says the contamination was “of epic proportions” and presented a serious health hazard to those in the camp...
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    Our First Interview at Cox's Bazar, July 2021

    We had questions, we wanted answers....so we sent in one of our citizen journalists. Here's what he showed us...


    You can expect more interviews, more real updates.


    Help us do good with crypto. Your voice matters.


    The inclusive attitude behind the tent City Foundation motivates us to attempt new things, talk transparently, and be courageous.


    Second Interview at Cox's Bazar, July 2021

    Real news, real experiences revealed. Follow our citizen journalists. Here's what we learnt...



  • The tokenomics of $TENT

    are as follows:

    A charity wallet has been set aside from the initial supply. We use an aggressive tax transaction distribution model, 10% allows you to earn rewards as you hodl. The original supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000. There is a 10% tax on transactions with 5% distributed to holders, and 5%, added to liquidity, and 3.5% will be used for the charity donations.

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    Original supply

    1,000,000,000,000,000 TENT with 50,000,000,000,000
    to be burnt after launch. Progressive periodic burns will maximize returns to holders.
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    10% tax on transactions

    5% Distributed to holders
    5% Added to liquidity
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    Profit from holding

    We reward holders with a 5% transaction tax which puts $TENT directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.
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    Charity wallet

    Some of the initial supply has been reserved. 3.5% belongs to the charity wallet, which donates on a monthly basis. 12% is reserved for marketing and 5.5% for strategic partnerships and research in the refugees health, policy and law space. The dev wallet is 5% and and an additional 2% is reserved for other hires.
  • Each time a person buys or sells the liquidity pool changes.
    With a competitive marketing timeline, 3.5% from the token pool will be saved into the charity wallet.
    We're planning to donate monthly. Each time a person buys, 5% is divided amongst all the holders wallets and 5% is added back into liquidity thereby increasing the value of $TENT.

  • The roadmap for $TENT​

    The roadmap for $TENT: fighting against poverty and risk to refugees and asylum seekers following displacement.


    Fighting against the reasons why people become refugees or asylum seekers, is obviously a never ending job, but we have strong plans to tackle many aspects of this problem using this token. Check out our roadmap, and see what we have planned to keep this community and charity, a healthy community with regular events and giveaways. Other ways you can become involved are on the way and will be shared on our socials.

    OCTOBER, 2021

    🚀 🚀 🚀 $TENT Launch...starting SOON ✅
    🤳 Influencer marketing ✅
    😊 Pancake Swap logo
    💰1st Donation details setup
    🔥 🦄 🔥 Community contest on telegram, IG and TikTok ✅

    NOVEMBER, 2021

    🦎 CoinGecko Listing
    📈 CoinMarketCap Listing
    👀 StockTwits Listing
    💸 WhiteBit Listing
    💰💰 Second Donation (Watch)
    💫 Bilaxy Listing
    👕 Merch live
    👋 Community Livestreams
    🌐 Website Improvements
    🌟 Cameos + Influencer Marketing
    💰💰💰 More Donations
    🤝 Major Influencer Partnerships
    🎥 $TENT Vlogs & Citizen Journalism
    🛒 BitMart Listing


    DECEMBER, 2021

    🙇 In-Person Donations / Events
    🚀 🚀 🚀 More Coming Soon

  • Where we donate

    every month?

    The TENT team and the community will choose a new association or group, working in the asylum seeker and refugee charity space to donate to. This ensures that donations are evenly spread across key stakeholders and that we can truly have a worldwide impact. Donation events will be shared on Twitter and Telegram, and the community will consistently be involved in deciding which organizations are donated to in the future.


    Obviously, the plight of asylum seekers from Nauru and Manus Island is important to me.


    However and importantly, we have formed a strategic alliance with the Forgotten Refugees Nonprofit in Indonesia and are beginning to work on some ideas for giving.



    Forgotten Refugees Facebook Page
  • The $TENT team is on a mission to make the world's asylum seekers and refugees,
    a safer and healthier place and we're quickly building an amazing community
    and having a lot of fun with this charity along the way.
    Join us.
    Buy $TENT here or join the Telegram.
    Tent City Foundation | hello@tentcityfoundation.com

  • How to buy


    Pancake Swap (standard method)

    Just grab the contract address and paste it into PancakeSwap after adding the TENT token to your wallet:



    Step-by-step instructions are here


    Bogged finance

    Over time, $TENT will be listed on multiple exchanges to make buying easier. Here's a list of the exchanges we're listed on so far. Buying $TENT on their platform is based on their pairing with the TENT City Token, which is typically USDT. You can buy USDT on their platform directly, then swap it for $TENT.

    **** COMING SOON**** ??? WhiteBit ???
    **** COMING SOON**** ??? Bilaxy ???

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  • Frequently asked questions

    How do you buy $TENT?

    We're launching on DxSale. Straight after that, you'll be able to buy and swap on PancakeSwap. Then we'll be seeking listing opportunities on various crypto exchanges.


    Click through and check out the full step by step guide

    What is the TENT token/coin?

    Launching in June 2021 via DxSale, the tent token is a charity token that donates to people displaced by environmental disasters or war or from food scarcity or political turmoil, or who are refugees for any reason. With an initial charity wallet, we charge a tax of 10% on every transaction with 5% burn for deflationary purposes and 5% redistributed to holders to reward investors and keep the charity wallet flowing. Charity support is set at 3.5% of the token investment.

    Are you on social media?

    Obviously, all our socials can be found below, and include, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Telegram and Reddit.

    How are charities decided?

    We are currently working with several charities that have set up wallets, we can send crypto to. Once we have a large list of charitable organizations that accept cryptocurrency we will begin voting on these as a community.

    What is the official token ID?

    The official, $TENT token contract can be found here.

    What is the charity wallet ID?

    The official $TENT charity wallet can be found here.

    Why does the coin not show up in METAMASK?

    There's a simple solution to this, you've got to add it as a custom token. To do this, there are three key steps.

    1. Tap on the search token button and type something in. Once you get to the screen. Add Custom token, go ahead and click on it.

    2. Get the custom token ID from Tent City. In this case, you just copy the ID, colon, token ID and fill it in. The Token Address is:


    3. Fill in the token details with the name as well. Also, make sure to select the Binance Smart Chain.

    4. The token should now be visible in your wallet. If you still have questions, you can put your question up on our Telegram.

    Why is my $TENT not giving me $1USD amount?

    In Trust Wallet or Metamask these amounts are pulled from listing services like Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, because The Tent Foundation coin, $TENT is still new, these services need to index our token. This means that until we are listed on these services, you won't be able to see your exact token amount in your wallet workarounds include connecting your wallet to a service like Bogtools or Poocoin to see your wallet. balance.

    Why are people saying, $TENT is rug proof?

    We have renounced the contract. This means, essentially, it cannot be changed. The developers are unable to get back in and tamper with the code. This means the entire playing field is fair game. And the token can go as far as the community and the development team would like to push it. Because we have chosen an aggressive tax being added to liquidity this creates a larger and larger cushion and reduces price volatility as the coin gains traction. See the rug screen check result.

    What does it mean to renounce ownership and burn liquidity, $TENT as a community token?

    By renouncing ownership there are no actions the developers can take in altering the token or its supply and no mint feature can be invoked. Shortly after launch, the liquidity pair tokens that can be used to redeem the initial investment were sent to a dead address or burned, essentially, meaning they're locked in the abyss forever.

    Do you have proof of the liquidity burn or the contract being renounced?

    Yes, we do see here.

    Where can I find the development team?

    You can read the bio of the founder of $TENT here. You can also see the founders identity on FB here. Doxing or revealing your identity is not the norm in crypto projects of this nature.

    Is there an audit of the code?

    Yes, there is the first audit was from beoerusdev, and can be found here. Other audits will be forthcoming in the following weeks.

    Do you have proof of actually donating?

    Of course, a video, donating to the first charity can be found here. SINCE WE ARE SOON TO LAUNCH THIS WILL HAPPEN AFTER IT HAPPENS :)

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  • Liability Disclaimer :

    Purchasing $TENT CITY TOKEN entails a number of risks concerning its valuation, safekeeping and continuous access to technical infrastructure (access to Internet, online exchange account, etc.). Users expressly acknowledge and represent that they fully understand that the token may experience volatility in pricing, liquidity, technical access, data breaches and will not seek to hold the issuer liable for any losses or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from, or in any way connected to, the purchase of $TENT CITY TOKEN. As such the issuer will not be held liable for any damages that may arise from any lawful actions it undertakes. The lawful actions will be determined based on the legislation in force of the jurisdiction of the issuers corporate registration.